Designing for the New Apple TV: A Sketch Starter Kit

Designing for the New Apple TV: A Sketch Starter Kit

As a longtime fan of the Apple TV, this week’s announcement of the next generation of the device has me excited, both as a consumer and a designer. Finally, Apple has opened up the platform to third-party developers (outside of the limited, highly sandboxed apps we’ve previously seen) with the addition of the App Store and the introduction of tvOS. We now have an intriguing new platform for which to craft new immersive experiences.

Apple has provided designers with a great jumpstart by introducing its Human Interface Guidelines for Apple TV. As I dug deeper into the documentation, I realized what I really wanted was a starter kit for exploring tvOS design in Sketch.

So I made one.

Caveats: It’s rough. It’s definitely a work in progress. But it’s also likely to be a timesaver for you, fellow designers, in diving into your own design concepts and explorations.

A six-column grid template.

The Sketch template includes individual artboards (with associated guides) for the 3, 5, 6, and 9-column grid systems. Default type styles are already set up and ready to go (you’ll want to grab the latest versions of Apple’s San Francisco fonts here). I’ve also included a bunch of properly-sized UI elements, such as home screen app icons, scrolling inset banners, top shelf images, embedded collection views, and more. All included images are courtesy of Unsplash.

Download the Apple TV Sketch kit

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